Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Project

Season Greeting Surfriders , Here's a glimpse of my newest project , The Short Bus Superstar . Probably should have taken a few pix earlier , but not much interested in talking about it , wanna shape. Started with Marko 7'4" EPS Halibut blank a carving a 5 something performance planing hull. I'm getting ready to start the tail and finish her out in the pix. She is done and has gone to the glasser. No CAD template, CNC cutting, or fancy tools , trying to develop the eye and learn the art and skills of shaping. Should be able to show you the finished product soon. Merry X-Mas , Zog

P.S. If you injure yourself with your new toys on Sunday , maybe I will show up , working all weekend .

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lost Mini - The Uber Plank

Here's a look at The Lost Plank , Matt Biolos's spin on the Mini Simmons. He want more drive so he did away with single concave and added a Future quad system . Check it out at Lost Surfboards site. Zog

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Shape of Things to Come ?

Check it Out Surfriders , Here's Daniel Thompson of TOMO Surfboards with his Modern Planing Hull . TOMO just won the 2011 Sacred Craft Board building show with this board. TOMO is drawing of a lot of different board sport designs , as it looks like it could easily be a wake or snow board. Check out his designs at TOMO surfboards. By the way he's taking to it on a 4'7". Zog

Friday, October 14, 2011

C.O.L.D. Crew Secret Sandbar Mini Simmons Test Session

What Up Surfriders , I was joined by my fellow C.O.L.D. Crew members Bailey Webb and Trey Womble for a Mini Simmons test session on Wednesday . The 3 class rejects took their tattoos and stupid looking , failed surfboard designs to a secret sandbar to avoid heckling and rock throwing from the status qoe . Just like a good detention hall , the rejects had a blast , as carving madness ensued. If you haven't tried a displacement hull yet , you owe to yourself to feel the speed . Carve Or Look Dumb , Zog

P.S. No Jocks , Nerds , or Prom Quenn Sweepers were harmed , as no boards over 6' were ridden.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Free Your Mind

Yo Surfriders , Got some pretty strange looks surfing the mini in macking Hatteras . The chop tails work. Check out this hybrid. I caught some of the biggest and best waves I've caught in the last couple years riding sub 6 footer. Dave Vernor is the man , his constant testing shows through as this board rips 6 " to 6 ' , Zog

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Surfed super fun chest to head first jetty , with Melissa , Bret Barley and some other pro [ they were ripping backside aerial 360's ] . No one around , a couple of guys paddled out at end of session. Most everything is closed , finally saw a couple kiters & windsurfers as Canadian Hole parking lot has been empty. Locals say road to open in 10 more days, come support OBX this fall as our friends need our help. Zog

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Morning

Hola Surfriders, Here's a couple of quick shots before this morning sesh , still a solid shoulder to head and straight offshore. Melissa and I couldn't see anyone else surfing .Nice way to celebrate our 13th. wedding anniversary . Crystal clear water and tubes . Zog

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hatteras is Honking

Yo Surfriders, Hope you caught somewhere today , we are in Hatteras . Holy crap it's BIG and offshore . Only took this picture before paddling out this afternoon , thinking I would get some shots with the Go Pro . Ducked dived first wave of set , as next one hammered me so fucking hard it completely sheared camera off its mount and made me say my prayers. Good thing for the little leash , as kept camera undamaged { except for tab } . 2 sessions of a life time , solid 6 foot swell , 10 foot plus faces with double overhead monster tubes. Had a blast as Melissa charged it and caught a few bombs. Been a long time since set wave ran a chill up my spine like today , Zog

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Evening Surfriders , Got lucky and got a couple hours of great surf before work .Here's a couple from the mini simmons cam. Hopefully more fun surf tomorrow , Zog

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good Acid Trip

Yo Surfriders , Check out new Jimmy Keith Acid Splash "Magic " Model . Irene was suprisingly fun , Sat. and Sun. were great with Monday morning being crazy fun fun with only 4 people out. Gotta love the sight of school buses. Zog

Monday, August 15, 2011

Suicidal Speed Bumps

Evening Surfriders , I love riding body boards in big barrels , but these guys a fucking insane!!! Mad props as this is some sick barrel riding and maxi airs . Pray for Surf , Zog
P.S. These guys are a chiropractors dream !!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hot N Hazy

Hola Surfriders , Hope everybody had good weekend, I did meat truck thing but did get out for a few late this morning . Tried the Go Pro on the Mini Simmons, not knowing how it would work on a sub 6 ' board . Got a couple shots , a ton of glare in the mid morning , and as usual some of the best shots are not while riding , they are weird water shots . Mini Simmons rides great for the little bit of dribble I have been able to catch, should be awesome in overhead barrels . Pray for Surf , It's Been a Long Hot Summer , Zog

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Office Observations and Lessons in Physics

Evening Surfriders , People always ask me about stuff I see as a Paramedic , they think we always go to crazy car wrecks . The truth is , as I do work in Wilmington I do respond to a bunch of accidents { Wilmington is the most dangerous place to drive in N.C.}, most are pretty routine with few serious injuries . Yesterday I responded to this tractor trailer vs. pick up truck over by the battleship , the driver was in critical condition and the extreme forces displaced through the pick up were impressive. The driver of the pick up made a unfortunate decision and pulled out to make a left turn and was struck in the driver door by the tractor trailer coming down the bridge toward the battleship .There was no impact to the passenger side of the vehicle in the picture , this was damage from the force of the impact to the driver door as it tore the bed off the frame . There was 3 feet of intrusion into the driver compartment as it tore the seat of its mounts and drove him through the center console , ***but his seat belt did not fail and kept him from being ejected*** . I was first on scene , we had a 6 minute on scene time as we only had to perform minimal cutting as he was displaced into the passenger seat and hanging partially out the door . We had a 7 minute transport time to New Hanover Regional Medical Center , in which patient received all the bells and whistles ,{ 2 large bore IV's, intubation , and ALS trauma protocol . My coworkers are awesome , we can flat out make some shit happen in 13 minutes. The patient was alive this morning in ICU , severe internal injures . It goes back to those early days , " look both ways when crossing the street " and wear your seat belt . Tomorrow is not guaranteed , take your time and arrive alive . , Zog

P.S. - If your into short term , high stress assignments , we're looking for some help : )

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Melissa's New Board

Howdy Surfriders, Melissa got her new Ricky Carroll Longboard a couple days ago. It's her first ever custom board , as she collaborated with Ricky on the whole design from shape to graphics. Turned out sweet , she can't wait for some good glassy conditions. Zog

Monday, June 27, 2011

Beef Up Your Nuts , Hurricane Swells Be A Coming !!!

Morning Surfriders , In my continuing quest to bring the most up to date training methods , I bring you the ultimate in pre - hurricane session training protocol. Just because it's flat doesn't mean you and your cronnies can't go out in the backyard and starting beefing up the 'ole nuts for the first bomber swell . It's a 2 part video so grab a beer , and cop a squat and be prepared to free your mind that you can conquer that rogue , black death set that is peaking where no wave has broke before. I'm sure I've seen old kick catcher there , embedded in the "I only crutch and wheelchair "crew down at marker 3 and beyond , so I'm sure there is some technique for everyone. To put it in a language we can easily all understand " THAT SHIT IS NUTS " , Enjoy , Zog

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Added Bonus

Hola Surfriders, A little added bonus to a super fun day. Got 3rd. place in 12'6" Elite { there's nothing elite about my paddling skill , as I slogged down the beach on my 11'2" Hobie ATR } . 10 miles in 2 hr. 16 min. 46 sec , with my paddle buddy Boogie pushing me the whole way. . Jason got me this as we were not able to hang out for after ceremony and party. This will something nice to remember what a good time Keith and I had , and that we helped get some special kids in the water . , Zoglodyte the Troglodyte , Surfer , Caveman , Paramedic and Reluctant Paddler. P.S. The Mini Simmons Rocks!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Came , We Saw , We Raced , Part II. The Onslow Bay Challenge

What Up Surfriders , Keith {Boogie Nights} White and I ventured up to Topsail for The Onslow Bay Challenge and had a blast. First off let me say Jason , Phil and the SideArm family pulled off and awesome event with trucks and a bus to ferry the racers to the south end , and the best vibe with the coolest group of people we've done anything with in awhile. Both Keith and I agreed that there was none of this snotty , I'm the king of the Northend bullshit , just a bunch of fun loving Bad Asses who came to get down . Over 40 racers helped race money for Surfers Healing , as they and all the sponsors were awesome and the shwag and good times flowed. Boy Howdy is 10 miles a long way , but the fat kids finished the race in 2hr and 16 min and had a blast. Great to see Haywood , CHill , Brad H. , The Curry family , William P. and lots of great friends . Good ole CB needs to have a downwind race as that is a lot of fun!!! Keith and I wanted to thank Justin for the motivation and lighting a fire under us , Smug burns a hell of a lot hotter than aviation fuel . Have a Great Weekend , Zog

Friday, June 17, 2011

Future Primative

Hola Surfriders , The Mini Simmons , Where Bob Simmons old school displacement bottom , meets Dave Vernor's new school technology and ideas . Almost zero rocker for the fastest loosest board surfboard I've ever ridden . Thanks Mike and Jenny for everything !!! Zog

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Power , Death , and Sin

The mean season is definitely upon us . Guess the pain lets 'em know they're still alive.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Gregs Birthday

Yo Yo Yo Surfriders ,

It's O.G. , Glide Master Greg's Birthday !!! And only one person could MC this occasion and it's Greg's all time favorite player , Chuck Woolery !!! Chuck and Greg have been sharing this magic flowing Do for decades , even though Greg's has turned a cold steel grey . Go ahead and give him a call , if he's not out picking up some depends he's probably down at the social security office starting the paperwork. And go ahead and drop in on him next time you see him in the water , nothing says happy B-day like a good snaking! Zog

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Onslow Bay Challenge

What's Up Surfriders ,

Just talked to Jason at SideArm , as he wanted to remind everybody about the Onslow Bay Challenge on June 18 th. There is a couple races with a 3 mile rec division and the 10 mile open ocean downwinder. With a little luck we might get some stiff southwest winds for a great event .Jason reassured me that even my fat old ass could finish the race running with the wind at my back ,while my scorched , dehydrated , lifeless body washes up on Atlantic Bch. , but hey it's for a good cause supporting Surfers Healing. The only person you have to out do is yourself so lets charge it , get the biggest board you can find and we'll get jacked up on Britts Donuts and race. I had got an incredible sense of satisfaction on finishing the Cold Stroke {my first race}in under an hour as I'm sue this will be something to remember. Anyone wanting to go for some training runs give me a call or leave note in the comment box. As usual pray for surf , this flat bullshit Sucks!!! Zog

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Fun Day

Howdy Surfriders, Fun pre sunrise start to some waist to chest peelers. Brad , Brian , Justin , Melissa , and I were to only ones out. Beautiful morning ! Zog

Monday, May 2, 2011

Swiss Army Board

Hola Surfriders , Here's a couple of shots of my collaboration with long time friend and red hot shaper / builder Jimmy Keith . The concept was to make a Swiss Army Board , a one board quiver that would have to serve you in all conditions. Home , Hatteras , Hawaii, in boardshorts and 4 / 3 fullsuits . I love the finished product as it's very nice to have a shaper listen to you and let you watch him shape your board and add your ideas . Rocking artwork by Rob , I gave him an idea and he created this masterpiece. Need some surf to put her through her paces. Stay tuned , Zog

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Brads Birthday!!!!

Special news alert Surfriders , it's Brad Jones' Birthday , drop whatever your doing a call his oldness to wish him the best .Brad , Brian and I surfed some fun micro peelers this morning @ #12 to #14 . Tried to get some pix of the birthday boy, but had a ton of lens fogging issue with water and air temp difference. Brad was late as he is still trying to adjust to the K & W { kanes & wheelchairs } cafeteria diet as they awarded his young buck frequent flyer card . Brad also struggled with getting his new Depends on under his wetsuit , as I assured him it would be custom form fitted as soon as it got wet, and the bubbleguts would calm down to . Here's the only paddlecam shot that came out , groovy splash on a beautiful morning . Be sure to drop by the Surfhouse to see Brad, free Geritol and Depends for Everyone ! Zog

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Shots From Tuesday

Evening Surfriders , Here's a couple shots of me from Tuesday afternoon . Bryan just sent them over , awesome shots Thanks Bryan ! The weather and waves were beautiful . Zog

Melissa Tuesday Afternoon

Howdy Surfriders , Here's a picture of Melissa ,Tuesday afternoon taken by Bryan Doane @ . Bryan has tons of great pics on his site check it out he may have some of you.{ Check out link in Blog List } Caught some small bunk this morning , nothing great . Hope everyone one enjoyed to festival , as I worked downtown last night on the paramedic bike team . Lots of fun and a nice crowd , saw Ric Flair WOOOOO!!!! . I Love the Nature Boy , Zog

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poo Pipe to Pelican Watch

Evening Surfriders , Super fun surf yesterday hope you caught some . My first session was at the Poo Pipe and it was freight training with some looping barrels . Surfed for 2.5 hours took a fuel break and surfed for 3 more at Pelican Watch . Another awesome session good friends and great waves. Here's a little mix from both session . Have a great Azalea Fest and pray for surf ! Zog P.S. CRANK UP THE VOLUME , COOL TUNES !!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gray Days Indeed

Evening Surfriders , Hope everybody caught some of the fun surf today . Pretty cool early as I as only one out for a few minutes until Brad paddled out and we had a great session , as Justin joined us soon there after. Everybody had a blast , I stayed out for 4 hours and still can't feel my arms. I put some psychodelic tunes to the video to add a little color , as the the water and sky blended into cool gray morning . Next time I will use Agent Oranges " Everything Turns Gray". Maybe some more clean surf this weekend ? Gotta do the you call , we haul thing , be safe as this town is full of idiots . Zog

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Little Wobbly

Hola Surfriders,
Melissa and I were the only ones out this morning as the surf was wobbly and funky. A little more swell than they predicted though . Here's a couple shots I caught of Melissa . Maybe later as tide fills in ? Have a Good One , Zog

Friday, March 11, 2011

March { Micro } Madness

Howdy Surfriders , Here's a few from this mornings chilly session . Wind , wind go away , couldn't you have left the swell just one more day . Small , fun and windy . You Tube and Warner Bro's big brothered me on the cool soundtrack , but that's OK , I'm high on Charlie Sheen and there is punk rock playing in my head 24 /7. Some attitudes in the water this morning , and words exchanged . If your gonna dust off the ole' NSP and drive down I-40 for the first sesh of the year and paddle out on the peak were the local boys have been surfing all winter , while you were wrapped up in your snuggie keeping your ovaries warm , beware as you claim the peak as yours . Stupid is Supposed to Hurt!!! Zog

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't Blink

Evening Surfriders,
Happened to be in the right place , at the right time this morning for once . Super hard WSW winds didn't produce much this week , but some knee to waist surf this morning and the wind went straight offshore while I was the only one standing there. You can see the clouds and cold front approaching in the video. After about 90 minutes it swung around out of the NE as fast as it went offshore earlier. Feeling pretty lucky as the month has been very windy . The water is feeling great no ice cream headaches , here comes spring . Zog

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Morning Surfriders,
Finally able to get out and catch a little something yesterday. Between work and not having any luck to catch these quick little wind swells lately , had a surf drought over last 10 days . Kind of small today , but at least the sun is out and the temps are rising , hurry up spring . Zog

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun Masonboro

Good Day Surfriders,
Brad , Brian , and I paddled over to Masonboro and caught some fun waist to chest + waves with an offshore wind and a max crowd of 7. Not a real good day for photos as it was drizzling and very gray , but I got a few. We had a super fun session , despite the cold and dreary conditions . Zog