Sunday, April 25, 2010

Archieve Shot

Evening Surfriders ,
Here's an oldie for ya . It's a young Blogmaster Zog { up coming 6 th. grader } on August 8. 1976 as Hurricane Bell passed off of the Carolina Coast . I went surfing Mark Mitchell and Jim Mincher at Columbia St. . I was riding a 6' 2" Hanley single fin and made it out and snagged a few bombs and took a few beating if my rusty old memory serves me correctly . Photo was taken by Eric Kuhn , Mark ' s then brother im law . Still one of my favorite shots of me , the skinny little Zogster charging a smokin' cane swell bomber . So may people making so many claims about how long they have been surfing the Carolina coast . If you have a good shot { proof } send it to me I would love to post it. Keep in Chargin' , Zog


Hola surfriders , Here's a great achieve shot of Carolina Beach surfing legend Fisher Culbreth . Gone but not forgotten , we miss you Fisher , Zog

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here's Your Target

Howdy Surfriders ,
Not sure what line to draw down the face ? Unsure about the direction your surfing is going ? Well AIM FOR THIS , its sure to bring you satisfaction . Get on the sauce and get on target , Zog

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Dredge Pipe Cometh

Buenos Noches Surfriders,
Well the dredging has begun , they started at the park entrance / shitters and are moving south . Sand was starting to cover the polls as we went for an early paddle.Paddled north and actually caught some clean Microkneesia peelers down the way. Here's a couple shots I got of Boogie catching some micro slides . Have a nice weekend and pray for Surf , Zog

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Solo at Sunrise

Hola Surfriders ,
Saw the wind was down at 0530 , suited up soon there after and hit the surf . Master Lenseman and CB's own professional surf photographer Robbie Johnson took this picture of me and posted on the Surf Carolina Facebook morning surf check . So that's what sunrise pictures are supposed to look like . The key here being Robbie has been a professional photog longer than most people have been surfing and it's obvious he knows get the most his environment and equipment . I can't thank you enough Robbie , it's a once in a life shot for me. Adios, Zog P.S. Surf was fun and surfed for over an hour before anybody showed up. 0500 wake up times have there benefits.

Fun Little Surf { Video Below }

Howzit Surfriders , Fun little surf this morning . Water is warming up so I thought I would hop in with the Go - Pro grab a little footage and experiment with windows movie maker , here's the results . I'm going to start posting video in gadget box at bottom of page for formatting purposes and trying to keep to much code on site for faster loading , so scroll down and check it out. The sun is out go surf, Zog

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quest for The Holy Grail [ Perfect Board , Wave , ect,]

Head In Ass

Greeting Surfriders ,

Searching all the shops for the perfect board ? Searching all the web cams for the perfect wave? The answer is within . Grandmaster Zog 10 th . Degree White Belt , Hoo Flung Poo

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Morning

Howzit Surfriders,
A few fun ones this morning , good friends and good times . Don't let poor photo ' s say anything about the surfing or waves as everyone was surfing great and there really were some very fun waves . Batteries crapped out early and as anyone who has ever taken pictures with a Go Pro will tell you , sometimes they can have a mind of their own . How bout Phil L . showing up for a sweet slides . Hope everyone enjoys the weekend . Zog

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dawns Early Light / Flatness

Morning Surfriders , Pretty flat , but a nice sunrise this morning . Remember if you can't put time in the saddle get out and train . Remember your 6 P's {proper preparation prevents piss poor performance} , your next great session is right around the corner. Shaka Bra , Zog
P.S. How bought the aloha spirit {ugliness} being spewed on the CB surf report / facebook site . Oh what money is doing to our beautiful lifestyle.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hobie Colin McPhillips Performance Longboard

Aloha Surfriders,
Check out this Colin McPhillips Peformance Longboard shaped by the man Terry Martin . Colin has 3 new longboards and 3 new SUP's coming out this month and Mike will have them all at the new CB Surf Shop opening next month . Keep on surfing , Zog