Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun Surf

Howzit Surfriders , Fun surf this morning and only a couple of us out . The bearded one Keith Shera sent this pictures he took of me enjoying the fine conditions . Thanks for the cool pic Keith .See Ya' ll in the Water, Zog

Check Dis' Out

Afternoon Surfriders ,
Was visiting with the boys at SideArm Surf and Skate , and they were telling me about this nice little SUP that needs a home . This beautiful 10' 4" Ron House was hand shaped by the man himself and needs to be ridden . 5 fin box's for plenty of options and a hand shaped wooden tail block make this board a true treasure . Phil , Jason nor myself would hold it against you if jumped out of that chair and rushed down to the pawn shop and hocked your precious family heirlooms to make this board a part of your quiver . So put some stoke in your life , stop by Sidearm and check this righteous tool out , you'll be glad you did ! Hope you caught some surf today . Later , Zog

Friday, March 19, 2010

Get The Point

Howdy Surfriders,
Need a cure for the impending summertime blues or just want to stick it the corner and wait for the next big ground swell . This beauty is a 10'6" Ricky Carroll Double Ender is patterned after the famed Skip Frye Double Eagle. This triple stringer weapon can be found at CB Surf Shop opening soon . No board hoarding posers , take it and charge ! Zog

Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday Surfridin'

Yo Surfriders , Dwight from NC Paddler sent these pictures of me during the super fun SUP session at the north end Saturday. Jacky gets photo credits as Dwight was out to . Thank Again . Zog

Random Shots

What's Up Surfriders ,
Downloading some stuff to Flickr , to clean up memory card and made a quick slideshow. Melissa , Keith , Brad and Greg enjoying uncrowded surf . After last weekend I think its safe to say here they come. Stay safe and Keep on Surfing , Zog

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Prevent this tragedy

Buenos Noches Surfriders,
What a great weekend of waves , tons of fun and hope everyone got their fill . There was one sad incident that marred Saturdays session. Surfer A was paddling back out and caught inside on a nice set , when Surfer B decided to drop in late and T - Boned surfer causing this pricey ding in his trusty steed . This incident was totally avoidable as Surfer B does not know his limits , realize his skill level , and shows no due regard for his fellow surfers . Thankfully no one was injured as I often see the end result of such careless . Surfriders there is going to be another wave coming , its not worth hurting someone and putting them out of the water with an injury or damage to their board. Please show respect and due regard . This will be my 37 Th. season surfing at the north end and this doesn't need to be a daily occurrence . By the way Surfer B , your lack of humility by not being able to apologize only deepens the wound and displays your guilt as 4 of us were standing on the beach and saw the whole event unfold. Surf Safe and Enjoy Your Mother Ocean. P.S. The top picture is a message Keith wanted me to send you Scott.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun Surf

Whats Up Surfriders ,
Super fun surf this morning , so much fun I only shot 1 sequence , to busy catching waves . Here's a 3 shot burst of Brian on a fun one. Lots of paddlers and surfers having a blast with only 1 party foul I' ll be posting on soon. Hope it holds for the morning. Zog

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eavey Riders

Evening Surfriders ,
Here's a couple of sweet Eavey Riders a 9'6" and 7'. Gregs beautiful , shapes, glassing and artwork will be available at CB Surf Shop this spring , and his custom orders are definitely worth the wait. Been very busy taking care the sick and injured but have caught some fun surf and will post some cool shots soon. Caught fun leftovers Monday morning , loving the warm weather and still trying to figure out what that big orange thing is in the sky.Keep on Surfing , Zog