Monday, June 28, 2010

Drake Comes to The Dark { Old } Side

Auchtung Surfriders ,

Much to the shock and dismay of longboarding fans worldwide , Drake Courie has quit longboarding , grabbed an SUP and started sweeping . Drake threw down his trusty Bing Levatator and evolved from a crawler to a stander overnight . Drake told Larry King be felt bad about his global domination of the logging world , and after suffering a critical birthday yesterday he thought it was time to be a man and learn to stand . As evidenced by these photo's the graying Courie was shown no respect as he was dropped in on by chicks and run over by his friends . After the session Drake went home changed his Depends and met the rest of the Geezers at K & W { kanes and wheelchairs} Cafeteria for some warm milk and bananas , and to bitch about shortboarders and speed bumps . The dark side is very happy to have this stylish soulglider, just keep your hands off my paddle ! Happy Belated Birthday Drake , and Congrats on all your recent Success . And how about Jeremy " Let's Just Try the Tip Time " Robinson getting on with the program this morning . Lots of stylish Toes on the Nose from Papa J , who always seemed to be in the right place at the right time this morning . Fun waves , and good friends add up for a great time ! Go Surf and Enjoy your Fellow Surfers Smiles , Zog

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Few More Funky Ones

Morning Surfriders ,
Went out for a prework , presunrise session . Pretty windy , but still some swell under the bump . Here's Keith ( Boogie Nights ) White catching a predawn Slider. Not sure what he is doing with his paddle , possibly flounder gigging in the shallows . Have a good weekend I am going meat truckin ' few a few days . Go surfing , Zog

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Few More Fun Ones

G - Day Surfriders ,
More Fun and funky surf this morning , good sessions with some fun stomach high sets . The first picture is a wreath that Melissa made for her nephew Cooper , who passed 1 year ago today . Cooper was 3 and had a rare genetic disorder and was the light of so many of our lives . Melissa paddled the wreath well off shore and had her own sunrise memorial and than had a really fun session . I am very suspicious of the individual in the last sequence as he closely resembles the Unibomber or some other shady parking lot stalker . Good times and Good surfing had by all , Thanks to Dwight for posting cool pix of me on his Blog , Thanks DW . Go Grab Your Favorite Board and Get on It !!! , Zog

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Few Fun Ones

Morning Surfriders ,
Caught a few fun ones this morning with Brad , Brian , Todd and Justin . Kinda funky offshore wind and weird tide but some fun surf no crowd or wetsuits. Didn't Take many pix but here's a couple of Brian A. Gettin' his surf on . Go Surf if You Can , Stay Safe , Zog

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pray For Surf

Hola Surfriders ,
Looks like a pretty flat weekend in store , hot too . Say a prayer to the Surf Gods , and check out Kainoa McGee Pipeline footage below , good day dreamin' footage for the summertime blues . Peace Out and Enjoy the Weekend , Zog

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shred So Hard I Bust My Stick

Buenos Noches Surfriders,
Well I wish that was the case , was down surfing micro bunk @ marker 15 when I leaned into a bottom turn heard a crack , took a stroke trying to get around section and saw the blade of my paddle fall off . She was good paddle may she rest in peace . Up for suggestions on a new paddle and board too . Like the looks of Kailoa paddles , so many boards who knows were to start . Thanks Brian for ride rest of the way home , paddled half way back when I saw Brian in his kick ass van and bumbed ride the rest of the way . Hope everyone has a great weekend , I gotta do the meat truck thing and earn some fun tickets for new equipment . Go get Wet , and Be Safe , Zog

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun Weekend

Evening Surfriders ,
Hope everyone got out and caught a few of the small but fun waves this weekend . Spent more time surfing than shooting pictures but did manage to catch Melissa on a few this morning . Fueled by a couple Britt's Doughnuts here she is catching a fun Sunday morning slide on my Takayama In the Pink . Thanks to Mike and Jenny for Flowing tix to the Surf it and Save it reception and movie Saturday night . The Aquarium , Movie , Shaun Tomson and gathering on local legends and many friends was awesome . Good food and free beer too ! Also a big thanx to Brad , Pete , and Chris Curry for letting me try so many cool stand ups at the paddle demo I had a blast . Pray for Surf , and Go get in the Water , Zog