Thursday, October 28, 2010

Warm Afternoon Surf


Daniel Cerqueira





DrakeEvening Surfriders ,
Fun surf this evening , warm for the end of October , with plenty of fun waves with less than 10 people out from the pier to the pipe .Drake and I went out for a Simmons Fish session , Drake on his 5'8" Vernor and I rode Mikes 6'0" Larry Mabile [thanx Mike]. Gotta do the you call , we haul thing this weekend and Captain ole EMS 44 , so be safe and I hope everyone catches the swell . Better bust out your rubber , here comes the cold air . Zog

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Local Boys Shine

Howzit Surfriders ,
Local Shredders Tony Silvagni and Ben Bourgeois are shining and surfing their way through the heats at the ISA World Surfing Games in Peru .Both are keeping the USA Team and their own gold medal hopes alive , and the waves are pumping . Check it out on , a great way to stare at your computer on Monday morning , and tell your boss things are coming along nicely. Broadcast starts at 9 am , so tune in and give Tony and Benny B your support. Pray for surf. Zog

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Up Surfriders,
Yep , you guessed it , 5 th. day in a row of super fun offshore surf. Melissa and I were the only ones out at Motels this afternoon . Took out the Hobie ATR out for wind equalizer and had a blast . The best part was watching Melissa catch so many perfect waves as she was one out as I sat on the beach . Went to the Lighthouse earlier and saw some qualifying heats for this weekend US Surf Kayaking Championships .I tried to Bro Down with the owner of the vehicle above { homemade quad job , sound familiar } . I said " nice kayak " and was quickly informed that it was a waveski , and that he was the Kelly Slater of wavesking {i.e. the quiksilver sticker}. I threw a him shaka and a "right on " , and was able to contain my laughter as I strolled on to watch him blow up in another "explosive" heat. Lots of traveling surfers standing on the beach in disbelief as kayakers{ there's only about 20 of them } have a permit for the first jetty for the rest of the week . It's all about the enjoyment of riding waves and not the vehicle , so smile and enjoy your fellow surfsliders .Zog

Vacation Is Fun !

Morning Surfriders ,
Renting a house named " Offshore " was definitely a good omen .The offshore winds are still blowing , and more small but perfect surf rolling in .Here's few from yesterday afternoons super session. Ruby and Ginger are digging vacation , and think 4 walks a day should be part of their new routine. Zog

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crystal Love Shacks

Howdy Surfriders,
Here's a couple from this mornings mondo shorebreak session .Heavy offshore winds , with burly shorebreak barrels made for another perfect OBX session .We surfed Motels , just north of the lighthouse . Perfect high tide peelers breaking only about 25 yards off the beach with only Melissa and myself out. It's low tide , we're fueling up and heading back out , more later.Zog

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Frisco Freight Trains

Beunos Tardes Surfriders ,
Frisco was fantastic , super hard offshores , low tide and chest to head reeling lefts. Another awesome surf session with wifey , only caught one shot of her { that's her from the beach } , but she caught so many fun waves. Wind is clocking around offshore as I type.The north side is going to pump tomorrow with a beefy swell rolling in from KDH to Buxton . Zog

Monday, October 4, 2010

Wind , Waves , and Water

Yo Surfriders ,
Greeting from OBX ,lots of waves and wind . We surfed Frisco chest to head and offshore and reeling for 4 hours yesterday. So much fun surfing with Melissa on our 12 th. wedding anniversary. No pix as Mr. Bonehead [me] forgot to clear memory card again . Heres a couple shots of lighthouse before heading out for a paddle a thon, a very chunky lefts session. House is awesome and its totally set up for surfers , very cool setup and decor. Bottom shot is whats left of Frisco Pier after hurricane season. Ruby and Ginger loving their first vacation. More later , Zog