Monday, June 27, 2011

Beef Up Your Nuts , Hurricane Swells Be A Coming !!!

Morning Surfriders , In my continuing quest to bring the most up to date training methods , I bring you the ultimate in pre - hurricane session training protocol. Just because it's flat doesn't mean you and your cronnies can't go out in the backyard and starting beefing up the 'ole nuts for the first bomber swell . It's a 2 part video so grab a beer , and cop a squat and be prepared to free your mind that you can conquer that rogue , black death set that is peaking where no wave has broke before. I'm sure I've seen old kick catcher there , embedded in the "I only crutch and wheelchair "crew down at marker 3 and beyond , so I'm sure there is some technique for everyone. To put it in a language we can easily all understand " THAT SHIT IS NUTS " , Enjoy , Zog

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Added Bonus

Hola Surfriders, A little added bonus to a super fun day. Got 3rd. place in 12'6" Elite { there's nothing elite about my paddling skill , as I slogged down the beach on my 11'2" Hobie ATR } . 10 miles in 2 hr. 16 min. 46 sec , with my paddle buddy Boogie pushing me the whole way. . Jason got me this as we were not able to hang out for after ceremony and party. This will something nice to remember what a good time Keith and I had , and that we helped get some special kids in the water . , Zoglodyte the Troglodyte , Surfer , Caveman , Paramedic and Reluctant Paddler. P.S. The Mini Simmons Rocks!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Came , We Saw , We Raced , Part II. The Onslow Bay Challenge

What Up Surfriders , Keith {Boogie Nights} White and I ventured up to Topsail for The Onslow Bay Challenge and had a blast. First off let me say Jason , Phil and the SideArm family pulled off and awesome event with trucks and a bus to ferry the racers to the south end , and the best vibe with the coolest group of people we've done anything with in awhile. Both Keith and I agreed that there was none of this snotty , I'm the king of the Northend bullshit , just a bunch of fun loving Bad Asses who came to get down . Over 40 racers helped race money for Surfers Healing , as they and all the sponsors were awesome and the shwag and good times flowed. Boy Howdy is 10 miles a long way , but the fat kids finished the race in 2hr and 16 min and had a blast. Great to see Haywood , CHill , Brad H. , The Curry family , William P. and lots of great friends . Good ole CB needs to have a downwind race as that is a lot of fun!!! Keith and I wanted to thank Justin for the motivation and lighting a fire under us , Smug burns a hell of a lot hotter than aviation fuel . Have a Great Weekend , Zog

Friday, June 17, 2011

Future Primative

Hola Surfriders , The Mini Simmons , Where Bob Simmons old school displacement bottom , meets Dave Vernor's new school technology and ideas . Almost zero rocker for the fastest loosest board surfboard I've ever ridden . Thanks Mike and Jenny for everything !!! Zog

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Power , Death , and Sin

The mean season is definitely upon us . Guess the pain lets 'em know they're still alive.