Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Gregs Birthday

Yo Yo Yo Surfriders ,

It's O.G. , Glide Master Greg's Birthday !!! And only one person could MC this occasion and it's Greg's all time favorite player , Chuck Woolery !!! Chuck and Greg have been sharing this magic flowing Do for decades , even though Greg's has turned a cold steel grey . Go ahead and give him a call , if he's not out picking up some depends he's probably down at the social security office starting the paperwork. And go ahead and drop in on him next time you see him in the water , nothing says happy B-day like a good snaking! Zog

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Onslow Bay Challenge

What's Up Surfriders ,

Just talked to Jason at SideArm , as he wanted to remind everybody about the Onslow Bay Challenge on June 18 th. There is a couple races with a 3 mile rec division and the 10 mile open ocean downwinder. With a little luck we might get some stiff southwest winds for a great event .Jason reassured me that even my fat old ass could finish the race running with the wind at my back ,while my scorched , dehydrated , lifeless body washes up on Atlantic Bch. , but hey it's for a good cause supporting Surfers Healing. The only person you have to out do is yourself so lets charge it , get the biggest board you can find and we'll get jacked up on Britts Donuts and race. I had got an incredible sense of satisfaction on finishing the Cold Stroke {my first race}in under an hour as I'm sue this will be something to remember. Anyone wanting to go for some training runs give me a call or leave note in the comment box. As usual pray for surf , this flat bullshit Sucks!!! Zog

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Fun Day

Howdy Surfriders, Fun pre sunrise start to some waist to chest peelers. Brad , Brian , Justin , Melissa , and I were to only ones out. Beautiful morning ! Zog

Monday, May 2, 2011

Swiss Army Board

Hola Surfriders , Here's a couple of shots of my collaboration with long time friend and red hot shaper / builder Jimmy Keith . The concept was to make a Swiss Army Board , a one board quiver that would have to serve you in all conditions. Home , Hatteras , Hawaii, in boardshorts and 4 / 3 fullsuits . I love the finished product as it's very nice to have a shaper listen to you and let you watch him shape your board and add your ideas . Rocking artwork by Rob , I gave him an idea and he created this masterpiece. Need some surf to put her through her paces. Stay tuned , Zog