Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hobie Tyler Warren 1 Fin Pin

Morning Surfriders,
Here's a glimpse at Hobie's 1 Fin Pin Tyler Warren Model shaped by the Grandmaster Terry Martin . This is a limited edition as 21 /50 notes . No laminates , everythings just written on blank in pencil . Beautiful craftmanship , could just hang it on the wall , naaa no board stashing posers take it out charge it . Keep on surfing , Zog

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Windy and Weak

Howdy Surfriders ,
In all our brilliance Keith { Boogie Nights } White and I decided we would let the tide fall a bit and going for a paddle . Well you know the rest , in typical CB Fashion the tide fell out , the wind filled in . We still managed to catch a few, here's a sequence of Keith slogging through the slop and looking pretty stylish if I don't say so myself . Well gotta get back to that Olympic women's curling final . Keep on Surfing , Zog

Friday, February 26, 2010

Chuck Patterson Interview

Good Morning Surfriders,
Scroll Down to the Bottom of the page and check out Chuck Patterson interview. Stay warm , Zog

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Go Pro , Go Samantha

Yo Surfriders , the surf lived up to the forecast and was super fun this morning , solid shoulder high with bigger sets and straight offshore . Got out at 6:30 and Brian and Brad were already lighting it up on their SUP's . Those 2 surf great and the 3 of us had it all to our selves for at least and hour before a few more paddled out . I rode my 11 '2" Hobie ATR SUP and had a blast , starting to figure that tanker out , lots of fun .
That brings me to my second point , the trials and tribulations of the fledgling surf photographer . The water is still a little cool for swimming with the Go Pro in the line up so I've just been trying to shot while standing or paddling on my SUP. Saw and missed so many good rides this morning {sorry guys everyone surfed great} and took a beating while trying to catch the few I did . When I came home there was 1 jewel in the blurr of videos and images and this is it . I wasn't having much luck with video , so I switched over to 3 shot burst , and as I was paddling back out when another perfect set rolled in and Samantha caught it . I dropped down to my knees , ditched the paddle and caught this Awesome image as Samantha went flying by. So there I was on my knees , on an 11' SUP and boy did I take a beating. The surf gods must have looked down and said " look at that kook , he's praying for a beating let's give 'em one ". Well I took a couple more on the head while trying to reclaim my tanker and paddled back and caught tone more fun waves . I sift through the video tonight and try to find a little material for some You Tubin ' , but the suns out and I'm going back for more.
Have Fun and Keep on Surfin' , Zog

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Safety Alert : Surfing much safer than Team Sports

Ouch Surfriders , The proof is in , surfing is much safer than team sports . Above is a picture of an X-ray of an arm belonging to a chap who presented himself to me at a local park this Sunday. That's his left Humerus ( the long bone between your shoulder and your elbow ) which was snapped while playing flag football , by a over zealous opponent . The round thing at the top is his shoulder joint , he is 6' 5" and weighed 260 lbs. . Yes this took a lot of force and hurt really bad , but I hooked a brother up , they don't call me Dr. Feelgood for nothing . This validates my 7 year study of grossly deformed traumatic injuries , that any sport with rules and officials is very dangerous and we should maintain our anti social roots , and stay in the water were it is safe.
I know what your saying to yourself " hell I don't even feel safe in my local lineup ". Yup, your right , with the influx of Jack Asses , Idiots and Assclowns from Northern Virginia to Southern Georgia and everywhere in between , invading our local lineups you better have your insurance premiums paid up. Lets not forget those little local punk bitches from UNCW , out flailing and dream shredding with no due regard , because there from some rich neighborhood like Pine Valley. My suggestion for you and your safety is to head south young surfriders . There's oodles of pristine vacant breaks from Fort Fisher and beyond . I hear from one reclusive surfer ( so reclusive , no ones ever seen him surf ), that Sheephead Rock is vacant and as safe a spot as you'll ever find . I myself often park at the aquarium , grab my trusty Wings BodyBoard and walk for hours to bask in the safety of the uncrowded waters south of Corncake Inlet.
Let's not lose focus on my years of research , and remember that even surfing a crowded day at Sun Skipper is much safer than engaging in team sports and possibly being maimed by one of these Jocko Homo's whose out to settle a score for having his ass kicked in 9th grade gym class.
Surf Safe , and May Their Force not be Applied Against You , Zog

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yo Surfriders , Correctly identify the " Knee High and Under Wonder " charging the no fly zone while the rest of the " Real World " is slaving at work . You' ll win a self financed night out with Noseriding King Drake Courie to the beautiful Carolina Beach Boardwalk , were " If your not Fu*# ing by 10 , You ' ll be fighting by 1". So hurry up and enter . Good Luck , Zog
P.S. Crank up the Volume on the video for good times Drinking music to put you in the mood.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interview of the Week : Colin McPhillips

Scroll down and check out interview with Hobie's new team rider Colin McPhillips. Colin will have Both Longboard and SUP models out this spring and available at CB Surf Shop. Was having a tough time trying to reformat sizing , so I just hit the easy button and posted it in the large box below. Will post the Chuck Patterson and Gerry Lopez interviews soon . Hope you enjoy . Zog

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Boogie's Snowy Slides

Melissa , Keith and I caught a few fun waves at the North Jetty after the snow storm . Yea it was cold but we all had a good time . Shot the video while cruising the lineup on my SUP . Video shot with my Go Pro Digital 5 Surf Hero wrist cam , and this is my first attempt at editing with Windows Movie Maker . Hoping for more fun ,smooth surf this week . Hope everyone enjoyed the snow.Zog

Tom Wegener 6' Foam Core Alaia

Here's a 6'0" Tom Wegener Foam Core Alaia [ Bluegill Model ] , that Mike brought back from the tradeshow. Wood rails with foam core , wood fins if you want to call them that and heavy concave. Interesting how even the primitive Alaia 's are evolving with modern building techniques and supplies. See them this spring at CB Surf shop. Zog

Hobie's 9' 4" Colin Mcphillips SUP

Here's a look at the new Hobie McPhillips SUP . Super fun looking ride , and Mike will have the whole new Hobie SUP lineup{as well as many other brands} in the new CB Surf Shop coming this spring .

CB Surf Shop , Carolina Beach N.C.

BIG Build out, same shop and crew, new name . Opening this spring with massive new floor plan. Mike , Dan , and the crew have been working hard ordering tons of cool product to spend your hard earned fun tickets on .
Playing with Go Pro Digital Wrist Hero 5 , trying blogger video option and bypassing You Tube . Going straight from camera to built in blog post . Caught these fellow surfers having a little breakfast while out for and early paddlesurf session CBNC . Zog

40 Degree Flat Sunday

Day dreaming and looking at pictutes of fun surf in Hatteras last fall . Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Stay Warm ,Zog