Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gray Days Indeed

Evening Surfriders , Hope everybody caught some of the fun surf today . Pretty cool early as I as only one out for a few minutes until Brad paddled out and we had a great session , as Justin joined us soon there after. Everybody had a blast , I stayed out for 4 hours and still can't feel my arms. I put some psychodelic tunes to the video to add a little color , as the the water and sky blended into cool gray morning . Next time I will use Agent Oranges " Everything Turns Gray". Maybe some more clean surf this weekend ? Gotta do the you call , we haul thing , be safe as this town is full of idiots . Zog

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Little Wobbly

Hola Surfriders,
Melissa and I were the only ones out this morning as the surf was wobbly and funky. A little more swell than they predicted though . Here's a couple shots I caught of Melissa . Maybe later as tide fills in ? Have a Good One , Zog

Friday, March 11, 2011

March { Micro } Madness

Howdy Surfriders , Here's a few from this mornings chilly session . Wind , wind go away , couldn't you have left the swell just one more day . Small , fun and windy . You Tube and Warner Bro's big brothered me on the cool soundtrack , but that's OK , I'm high on Charlie Sheen and there is punk rock playing in my head 24 /7. Some attitudes in the water this morning , and words exchanged . If your gonna dust off the ole' NSP and drive down I-40 for the first sesh of the year and paddle out on the peak were the local boys have been surfing all winter , while you were wrapped up in your snuggie keeping your ovaries warm , beware as you claim the peak as yours . Stupid is Supposed to Hurt!!! Zog