Sunday, May 23, 2010

Archieve Shot

Evening Surfriders,
Here's a young Blogmaster Zog in September of 1980 . I was a upcoming high school senior in Hatteras competing in the ESA East Coast Championships . We were surfing between heats up north of motels at Ramps , now what is called Canadian Hole. The parking was a small access road on the other side of the road as the parking lot and showers were years from being built and this was one of the best and most popular breaks in the outer banks . I was riding a 5'10' double wing rounded pin twin fin with double channel through the fins shaped by East Coast legend Claude Codgen of Sunshine Surfboards . This board would be totally relevant in today's alternative board market , boy do I wish I could have that one back . If my rusty memory serves me correctly { it was 30 years ago } I was surfing with the Nelson brothers , Jeff Wolfe , Dean Sox and I 'm sure a cast of other SENC surf characters. The photo was taken by Carolina Beach's own Jeff Proetsch . If you have any cool old shots get them to me I'm sure everyone would love to see them and here the story. Stay safe the terrorist season goes full swing this week , and I don't want to see any of you in a professional manor. Keep the Stoke , Zog

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stokin' Saturday

Howzit Surfriders , Another morning of fun little crumblers . Super fun session with a great group of people, lots of smiling and stoke . Hopefully we'll get a little more tomorrow to end out the weekend and send everyone back to work smiling . Have a great evening and we '' see you in the lineup early . Aloha , Zog

Friday, May 21, 2010

Usual SUPspects

Hola Surfriders , The summertime grovel fest continues with another fun session at Cleveland Steamers . Brad , Brian , Boogie and myself caught some fun ones with the dolphins this morning . It wasn't the biggest or best I've caught it , but boy howdy could you catch some super long rides . Hopefully fun surf through the weekend. Stay tuned for special safety alert ! Keep on Chargin ' and remember to share the stoke with your fellow surfers , Zog

Friday, May 14, 2010

Chuck Dubya $$ Original Gangsta $$

Yo Surfriders , In this world of gang sign flashing posers , lets not forget that OG Chuck Dubya . Big Wheelin' , Freeballer , C Dub himself showing ya how to float one . Fear the C , Zog

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grovelicous Part Deux

Hola Surfriders , Even smaller conditions today as the grovelling continued . Keith and I went logging at T- Bags { Keith on the Is-Is and I rode the In the Pink } as the sun blazed and we had fun despite the knee high conditions . Not much for noseriding , but the ole' trim and glide provided for some long ones . Got some pretty cool pix , with water on lens and both rider and photographer moving for blurry weirdness . Can't say enough on how cool and easy Go Pro is to use , always like X - MAS coming home to see what you captured to picture or video . Hope everyone has a nice weekend as I must go back to work and save lives and make a difference { hopefully be holding down that recliner } on my extreme meat truck . Keep on Surfing , Zog

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Greeting Surfriders, Dawn patrolled it and caught some fun ones before sunrise and the wind came up, had it for about 45 minutes before PT and OG soiled my serenity . Got out and grabbed the Go Pro as I thought their relentless attack and merciless schralping should be captured for your viewing pleasure . We all caught some fun ones , and school is still in reducing the crowd factor . Got a text from Chuck and he wanted to remind everyone " Life's a Giant Gameshow Wheel , So just Spin It" . Peace Out , Zog

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gerry Lopez Indo

Yo Surfriders,
Here's a cool sequence of Gerry Lopez charging Indo on his Stand Up . The Pipe Master still chargin' and exploring new means of wave riding . Now Go Ride Everything , Zog

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Microkneesia SUP Sesh

What Up Surfriders ,
Scroll down a view a couple waves I caught on video from yesterdays micro grovel session . Kinda bouncey as I was shooting while paddling back out , should have shot 3 shot burst as the Go Pro shots really good digital pix is these conditions . Now that the water is warming up gonna get off board and shot from the water, if I get down real low I can make the shin high ones look knee high . All that being said I had a blast as I think all did .
Summers Here go Join the Madness ,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010