Friday, August 27, 2010

A Few From The Road

What Up Surfriders,
Been all over the state , and here's a few from the north side of the bank . Head high plus with full moon high tide and perfect offshores. Wasn't quit as hollow as I would like to see it , but talk about super fun SUP surf , and it stayed on for hours. More to come , better eat your Wheaties here comes some real swell , Zog

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Morning

What's Up Surfriders ,
Not a lot of wind this morning , not a lot of surf either . Nice morning though , no crowds and warm water . Got a couple shots with paddlecam shooting every 2 seconds . Can' t wait for some macking shacks and long lined up walls to check out the high def video. Cool pix Dwights Blog from yesterday as it looked like some ones were had. Looks like surf is on the way , hopefully some favorable winds too. Anyone up for some S-turns ? Keep your Fingers Crossed , Zog

*** Congrats Melissa on Toes on the Nose sponsorship , big box of shwag = big smile . ***

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Paddle Cam Test # 1

Howdy Surfriders,

You know it , another day of gutless dribble . Know its nothing new , but made a paddle cam by following John Ashleys " how to " instructions off his blog Standup Paddle Surfing . Made a few changes and mods to custom fit my stick and took it out for a test today. He' s right , you don't even know its there , see a wave coming just push the shutter button and surf . Pretty neat angles and reminds me how fat and ugly I am . Should be fun to pass around out in the line up and get a little perspective on everybody elses surfing style. Gonna try some video when we get some surf.Looks like ITCZ is starting to heat up so pray for Caine' swells . Zog

Monday, August 16, 2010

Go Pro Weirdness

Howzit Surfriders , Hope everyone caught some fun surf today . Going through the oodles of pix from yesterday and am always amazed at the cool pictures the Go Pro seems to get . Its always cool to see shots of yourself and friends surfing , but I'm always stoked to see all the odd underwater and trippy color / prism shots. It reminds me of how much I take for granted being out in the ocean and all the cool stuff we get to see . The Go Pro loves the sun and yesterday produced some weird / cool images, I put them in to a slide show . Check it out , Zog

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Hola Surfriders ,
What a beautiful day with some fun surf at ole CB . Good day to have some kind a squirty little fish chase those corners and tuck into tight spaces . Here's a couple from the deck cam , the light was great today and always fun seeing what you got with the Go Pro . Pray for Surf and have a Good Week , Zog

Friday, August 13, 2010

Zoe The Magnificent

Howdy Hot Friday Surfriders ,

As you can see , you didn't miss a whole lot this morning , small offshore and a few fun ones to be had . Zoe paddled out on his new 8' 6" PSH and totally pulled some trippy Criss Angel Mind Freak stuff on us . As the first shot shows Zoe smiling, staring straight into the camera and bent my whole universe / reality. In the second shot Zoe was battling with Stan for this little nugget when Zoe tranced him out , making Stan drop his arms , and stand there limp and slobbering as Zoe glided by{ I think Zoe levitated to}. In the third shot Zoe was preparing to crank another massive bottom turn when he held up his paddle and bent it mid shaft { I don't think it is one of those new PSH magic paddles either} and as it went back into its original shape Zoe proceeded to shralp down the line around the point. I tried to take more pix , but as you can see my world was spinning , as the universe was twisted. I told Zoe I was dizzy and confused and thought I should go home and stare at board volumes and paddle dimensions { how weird is that }when Zoe told me never mind that nonsense he would show me the future . He warned of the great SUP apocalypse , and before I could say when , Zoe shot a lightning bolt out his ass and knocked me off my board. As I came to the surface I saw the vision, tandem sit down air mattress surfing . THE END IS NEAR. Fear Zoe the Magnificent , he a trippy dude, Zog

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Video

Afternoon Surfriders ,
Great pix and stories from this weekends swell , had to work maybe next time. Posted Tyler Warrens "Bar of Soap" video below. Tyler is ultra stylish surfer and artist , as this video shows his world class surfing on what looks like a piece packing styrofoam. It seems like there are so many my way is the only way types out there today."Paddle or Die", "Longboard or go Home" , " Rodeo Clown to Revert Shredders " that we forget its just surfing . For those of you who like the alternative stuff and really " can " surf , and will charge it on anything from 12' SUP to a $9.99 Wings sponge your going to like this . Check out more of Tylers style at the Surf Knot link in the blogroll . Enjoy , Zog

" Surfing is like a finger pointing at the moon , if you concentrate on the finger { computer forecast , press releases , 2011 catalog dimensions } you'll miss all the heavenly glory " Bruce Lee

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Morning Calm

Yo Surfriders, Calm morning with calm waves too! As the tide left , the waves did to. Caught pretty sunrise and caught this pic of Dwight early as the rest of the pix are with where ever the waves and my surfing went. Here' a pic of Brads new 8'0" PSH Ripper . Beautiful bamboo lams and super sweet shape. Maybe a little surf this weekend from Colin remnants ? Stay Cool and Pray for Surf, Zog