Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Up Surfriders,
Yep , you guessed it , 5 th. day in a row of super fun offshore surf. Melissa and I were the only ones out at Motels this afternoon . Took out the Hobie ATR out for wind equalizer and had a blast . The best part was watching Melissa catch so many perfect waves as she was one out as I sat on the beach . Went to the Lighthouse earlier and saw some qualifying heats for this weekend US Surf Kayaking Championships .I tried to Bro Down with the owner of the vehicle above { homemade quad job , sound familiar } . I said " nice kayak " and was quickly informed that it was a waveski , and that he was the Kelly Slater of wavesking {i.e. the quiksilver sticker}. I threw a him shaka and a "right on " , and was able to contain my laughter as I strolled on to watch him blow up in another "explosive" heat. Lots of traveling surfers standing on the beach in disbelief as kayakers{ there's only about 20 of them } have a permit for the first jetty for the rest of the week . It's all about the enjoyment of riding waves and not the vehicle , so smile and enjoy your fellow surfsliders .Zog


  1. Offshore for sure. What a great week to be on the banks. Great pics. Helps me make it through the work week.

  2. Heading down to Frisco , trying for another offshore super session to make it 6 in a row. hoping for some PSH time. Zog