Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Brads Birthday!!!!

Special news alert Surfriders , it's Brad Jones' Birthday , drop whatever your doing a call his oldness to wish him the best .Brad , Brian and I surfed some fun micro peelers this morning @ #12 to #14 . Tried to get some pix of the birthday boy, but had a ton of lens fogging issue with water and air temp difference. Brad was late as he is still trying to adjust to the K & W { kanes & wheelchairs } cafeteria diet as they awarded his young buck frequent flyer card . Brad also struggled with getting his new Depends on under his wetsuit , as I assured him it would be custom form fitted as soon as it got wet, and the bubbleguts would calm down to . Here's the only paddlecam shot that came out , groovy splash on a beautiful morning . Be sure to drop by the Surfhouse to see Brad, free Geritol and Depends for Everyone ! Zog

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Shots From Tuesday

Evening Surfriders , Here's a couple shots of me from Tuesday afternoon . Bryan just sent them over , awesome shots Thanks Bryan ! The weather and waves were beautiful . Zog

Melissa Tuesday Afternoon

Howdy Surfriders , Here's a picture of Melissa ,Tuesday afternoon taken by Bryan Doane @ . Bryan has tons of great pics on his site check it out he may have some of you.{ Check out link in Blog List } Caught some small bunk this morning , nothing great . Hope everyone one enjoyed to festival , as I worked downtown last night on the paramedic bike team . Lots of fun and a nice crowd , saw Ric Flair WOOOOO!!!! . I Love the Nature Boy , Zog

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poo Pipe to Pelican Watch

Evening Surfriders , Super fun surf yesterday hope you caught some . My first session was at the Poo Pipe and it was freight training with some looping barrels . Surfed for 2.5 hours took a fuel break and surfed for 3 more at Pelican Watch . Another awesome session good friends and great waves. Here's a little mix from both session . Have a great Azalea Fest and pray for surf ! Zog P.S. CRANK UP THE VOLUME , COOL TUNES !!!