Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Little Wave , A Lot of Relax

Shaka Bra Surfriders ,
Caught a few fun ones this morning , and we be getting our relax one . Went to ESA Championships down the beach this afternoon . Congrats Nick Rupp , SNC ripper for taking the Jr. Mens Final Again.The Firefly and lemonades are flowing , and the weather is perfect. Zog

Friday, September 24, 2010

OBX Super Fun

What Up Surfriders ,
The surf is super fun on the north side of the bank today. Full moon high tide and fun little groundswell produced a great morning with only Keith and myself out for hours of glassy fun. Here's an overexposed sequence due to a super sunny morning of Boogie catching another perfect set with only the 2 of us out . East Coast Championships going of this weekend due to Igor washout last week , stay tuned , Zog

Monday, September 20, 2010

1 For The Money

Hola Surfriders ,

Hope you had a great weekend , as I did the" you call we haul "thing , but did catch a few waves . Here's one from this morning , it's for those of you complimenting me on my editing skills. Just 1 crappy wave before my battery died at 30 seconds plus. { note to self :charge camera and sleep before hitting good surf }. It was awesome to see such good surf as everyone surfed so well , Brad , Brian , Melissa, Sam , Dan C. { who I saw catch some 1 minute plus rides }, and Drake "King of the Nose " Courie . I wish I would have taken other camera out as there were so many good rides in such good surf . The surf really improved towards noon with some incredibly long rides to be had. Say a prayer for our fallen brother Curt , who rode his final wave yesterday in Surf City. I was working in Cape Fear Hospital ED yesterday when he arrived , as many of us were fighting back the tears , I could only hold onto the fact the he passed doing what so many of us have in common and love , chasing the ultimate wave . Watch out for your fellow surfers , and enjoy their stoke as much as yours. Zog

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pulsing at the Pipe

Howzit Surfriders ,
First of all Thanks to The Master Cylinder himself , Keith for the lift this morning as my truck is getting serviced for upcoming swell chasing . I'll have to admit I probably would have grabbed my PSH and headed north , but it was truly a blessing in disguise. Keith and I were the only 2 out for a cylinder fest and one of the funnest sessions I've ever had at the pipe.Waist to shoulder , straight offshore , incoming tide a too many perfect corners to count .This is one of the first shots found when I plugged in the Go Pro , with more to come. Go eat your Wheaties cause here comes Igor. Zog

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Suprise

Good Morning Surfriders ,
A few little smoothies this morning , a little weak but nice smooth conditions. Had a blast surfing quad fish , looking for little pockets. Her comes Igor , looks like more good surf . Hope he stays offshore as he looks as if he's gonna have some punch. Hope your surfing and have a great day.Zog

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hidden Gem

Morning Surfriders ,
Going through the wrist cam this morning and found this one and only shot from recent Frisco pier session. That's Sam Fanjoy riding my board during a 4 + hour surf session just south of Frisco pier 2 weeks ago. Sam and I surfed for hours by ourselves in super fun waist to shoulder high glass with crystal clear water . I remember I took the camera out and as Go Pro's like to do it decided to shot 2 pix and go back to sleep , must have left the power button on earlier. Good times on the south side. Zog

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Earl Shot from Z

Yo Surfriders ,
Here's a shot from our Hurricane Earl Lockwood Folly session . Z took it while on donut break and got a great sequence[ move shots later] . Sure am glad I caught to catch a ton of waves from Earl as nothing producing any significant swell in the near future. Thanks for the awesome shot Z , pray for surf ! Zog

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some Tighty Righties

Yowzer Surfriders ,

Hope you caught some of the Saturday morning leftovers. Some fun little tighty righties coming through with lots of sweepers and crawlers having a blast. First time I have been able to put some time in everyday and surf a whole swell , as I got a couple hours in today before having to do the meat truck thing . Lots of great pix of Earl coming in , love Pix of Z on NC Paddlesurfer , and I threw up in my mouth before I wet my pants when I saw the shot of Chris Hill CHARGING on Distressed Mullet . Chris you rock !!!! Hope everybody has a great and safe weekend , and we don't have to see each at my workplace . Pray for more swell , Zog

Friday, September 3, 2010

Brunswick Bombers

What's Up Surfriders ,
Hope everybody been gettin' their Earl on . Went to Oak Island yesterday and surfed Lockwood Folly Inlet , and it was a day to remember. Brad , Brian , Keith , Z, and myself caught some of funnest outside bombers ever. Here's a couple of the first shots I have had a chance to look at .Epic rights breaking off the outside channel markers. I hope someone caught some pix from the beach as the paddle cam is cool , but doesn't do the size and overall volume of Earls lines any justice . John {mullet master}, Chris Curry , Heywood Newkirk , and William Pope charged the left from the Holden Beach side and caught caught tons of heavy bombs , as we could see them charging several hundred yards down the line up. Had to work this morning , but surfed the pipe for an hour and a half and caught some screaming lines and looping shacks. Keep your eye on it , and be safe. Zog

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Earl - E

Evening Surfriders ,

Hope you didn't get caught looking at the online forecast this morning and put the old eyeball on it. Super fun outside SUP session with no one out but Brad , Scott and myself for couple hours. Swell riding was the call today , way outside just enjoying the glide. Today was the first time I've tried shooting video with the paddlecam , came out pretty cool . Need to turn to sound of as it screwed up groovy soundtrack I was putting to it. We'll have to see how the Earls movement and winds pan out, I hope everybody gets to catch a few bombs. Stay safe and watch out for your fellow surfriders . Zog