Friday, July 30, 2010

It's All a Matter of Perspective

Morning Surfriders ,
You know it , Team Optimist charged the raging ripples this morning . A beautiful morning with clear water made the outing all the worth wild . In an effort to enhance the my photographic endeavor , I laid the Go Pro on the deck of my board and caught this one of Brad. That my deck pad in the foreground . We both caught a couple of fun little peelers , as it still beat the hell out of working . New PSH veneers coming in today check back for pics and opinions. Pray for Surf !!! , Zog

Monday, July 26, 2010

Honest Doc , I Tried Real Hard , But it Just Dribbled

Howzit Surfriders ,
The wind finally backed off , but the swell kinda forgot to show up. Had fun with Zoe, Jenn, Stan , Brian and Brad as I think everybody caught a few fun ones , I know I did . Caught a couple pics with the top sequence of Brian , middle 3 are of Brad , and bottom pic is of Zoe . Hope everybody had a safe weekend as I encountered many who didn't . Pray for surf and stay cool , Zog

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Offshore , Go Surf !!!

Hola Surfriders,
Just got in from 3 hour session , thigh to stomach and straight offshore . Fun slides and micro shacks Didn't take any pics , to busy trying to get my groove going on my new stick which was awesome . If you have the time go hit it before the dreaded winds returns . Have Fun , Zog

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wind , Wind Go Away !!!

Morning Surfriders.
You know it , more wind . Some swell , but wind just won't let up . Well check out cool Tarp Tube Fest at bottom of the page [ video of the day ] , even has real sweeper getting shacked . Congrats to Tony Silvagni and Bradley Rose for the 1 st. and 2 nd. place showing at Reef contest. Keep the old eye on it , you never know when the wind may back off. Pray for calm conditions , Zog

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun Surf and First Impression

Evening Surfriders,
Some fun little surf this morning . Got out early and had fun , saw lots of people catching some great waves too . Only the 4 th time I have had the new PSH out and finally caught some thing more than knee high low tide dribble. Well if a picture says a thousand words , this one says alot about my first real impression of the new stick. This board wants to ride high and tight in the pocket , the steeper the better. Board has tons of down the line drive , is very loose and wants to haul ass , as the wave size starts to hit waist high . Still finding my paddling sweet spot , but caught lots of waves and had a blast . Thanks to Brian for taking the time to take a few pictures as he caught this one while swimming on the inside. Hope everyone caught a few and pray for surf this weekend . Zog

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Archieve Shot

What's Up Surfriders ,
Hope your staying cool , and just like you I'm dreaming of foreign lands and tasty waves . Here's a blast from the past , Blogmaster zipping through the inside at Rio Nexpa in central Mexico in September of 1988 . After a fun filled summer of lifeguarding in good old CB , went for 6 week south of the border surf bonanza with Dean Pye , Buddy Hicks , Mike Thomas and the Nelson Brothers . Nexpa was still relatively small with about 6 palapas on the point and no hotels . The surf pumped every day we were there and the average crowd never topped 20 , with so much room and so many perfect long peelers rolling down the point as the river mouth busted open while we were there . To anyone who has been there Lario was still running the point , this was before the feds killed him . I've been there a couple times , but not recently as I understand it has changed alot with surf tourism and development . Well so much for summer day dreaming , plan your next trip and pray for surf , Zog

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th. Surfriders ,
Here's a shot of new Paddlesurf Hawaii 9'6" Ripper . Custom deck pad by yours truly , took a day and killed a pair of scissors . Rode her this morning , waves were dumpy little closeouts , but board was very surfy . Paddles and floats well and stability is surprisingly good . Set her up with Future Controller quad set up which felt very smooth with tons of drive . More as I get her in some better surf. Now go blow your fingers off with some old fireworks. , Zog